Foretrek is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing trust.
The more empathy a community has, the more able it is to trust each other. Communities with high-trust are thriving communities. Thriving communities allow humanity to flourish.

We cannot issue one-size-fits-all behavioral prescriptions because trust of the kind we're trying to help foster does not scale well. If it did, we wouldn't be here. This is why we'll need to immerse ourselves in your organization or community for awhile before learning what practices or changes (if any- often a soft change in attention is all it takes) might work best for you. This may range anywhere from a series of interviews to one of us living on your couch (in order to shadow you) for a few weeks, depending on your comfort level and our resources. Call us and leave a voice message to arrange for an initial interview.

+1 (208) 996-3301